Construction of certain references to Act XV of and Act IX of CHAPTER I. OF EASEMENTS GENERALLY. 4. “Easement” defined. Dominant and. THE INDIAN EASEMENTS ACT in India Bare Acts, Banking and Insurance, Business and Corporate, Constitutional, Consumer Laws, Criminal Law. The Indian Easements Act, B. 7 th. Semester. Introduction. The right of easement is a right as old as the day when human race first emerging from.

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Indian Easements Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Section34 – When cause of action arises for removal of support. When cause of action arises for removal of support. A is not thereby entitled to take leaves to manure this field. The wall gives way. Grantors transferee not bound by license B, inimposes an easement on the land in favour of C, who enjoys the easement peaceably and openly as an easement without interruption for twenty – nine years. Grant may be express or implied A sells the trees growing on his land to B.

Liability for damage from want of repair. He may avt the saw – mill into a corn – mill, provided that it can be worked by the same amount of water.

This is an easement. Provided that such annexation is consistent with the terms of the instrument, decree or revenue – proceeding if any under which the division was made, and, in the case of 18882 rights, with the user during the prescriptive period. An easement extinguished under section 46 revives atc the grant or bequest by which the unity of ownership was produced is set aside by the decree of a competent Court.


The right cannot be transferred. A may impose an easement on the land to continue during the time that the lease exists or for any shorter period. Exercise of easement, Confinement of exercise of easement The easement is suspended so long as A remains lessee of Easemebts. The right of way is also extinguished.

Incidents of customary undian. These are apparent easements. B is entitled to a acr of way over that land suitable to the business to be carried on by B in the house and grounds. A then abandons his easement, and restores the stream to its ancient course B’s land is consequently flooded. Provided that A’s right of way is not thereby obstructed.

Who may acquire casements. So, if A lets the house, he may use the right of way for the purpose of collecting the rent and seeing that the house is kept in repair.

Indian Encasements Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Accessoryl icences annexed by law. Audible Download Audio Books. B cannot obstruct the excessive user. Who may acquire casements Section32 – Right to enjoyment without disturbance.


C unlawfully enters on B ‘s land and obstructs A in his right of way. The license is revoked.

Illustrations a A suit is brought in for obstructing a right of way. Illustration A, as owner of a house, has a right of way over B ‘s land.


This right is not an easement. Buy the selected items together This item: This is a discontinuous easement. Where a partition is made of the joint property of several persons,—. A is entitled to a right of way, for agricultural purposes only, over B’s field to the field retained. Illustration A has a right of way over a road running along the foot of a sea-cliff.

None of the following rights can be so acquired: Easements for limited time or on condition. Dominant and servient heritages and owners.

Where an easement indiaan be legally enjoyed only at a certain place, or at certain times, or between certain hours, or for a particular purpose, its enjoyment during the said indisn at another place, or at other times, or between other hours, or for another purpose, does not prevent its extinction under this section.

A may deviate from the way and pass over the adjoining land of B, provided that the deviation is reasonable. A, with intent to revoke the license, locks a gate across the path.

B is entitled to the light, and A cannot afterwards ewsements it by building on his land. A buys a field and unites it to his farm.