The Grandstream HT is the newest in the HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor Series. The HandyTone offers more powerful feature functionality and. The Grandstream HT is a hybrid Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and VoIP This versatile Grandstream HandyTone model supports UPnP, SIP over. The Grandstream HandyTone is a full feature voice and FAX-over IP device that offers a high-level of integration including dual 10M/Mbps network ports.

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When enabled, all incoming calls are rejected. User can also choose to download the free HTTP server from http: If a TFTP server is configured and a new code image is retrieved, the new downloaded image is saved into the Flash memory. The latest official release can be downloaded from http: This field is case sensitive with a maximum length of 25 characters. Wait for the dial tone and hang up. The protocol guarantees reliable and in-order delivery of sender to receiver data.

If set to Yes” ” will send the number.

Grandstream HT HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor | eBay

Hanrytone attached to twisted pair copper wiring that transmit from 1. Using TCP, applications on networked hosts hhandytone create connections to one another, over which they can exchange data or packets. However, the challenge of IP Telephony is maintaining the quality of service expected by subscribers. Range is from Should be 32 digit in hexadecimal representation. If set to Yes, the SIP user’s registration information will be cleared on reboot.

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SIP is designed for voice transmission and uses fewer resources while it is considerably less complex than H.

If the configured firmware server is found and a new code image is available, the HT will attempt to retrieve the new image files by downloading them into the Handytond SRAM. Otherwise, the call is likely to be rejected by the handutone with a Non Found error. It is the base RTP port of channel 0. All the protocols do some form of signalling of call capabilities and transport of voice data from one point to another. If Yes, call features using star codes will be supported locally.

UDP does not provide the reliability and ordering guarantees that TCP does; datagrams may arrive out of order or go missing without notice.

Grandstream HT502 HandyTone 502 Analog Telephone Adaptor

VoIP encomprasses many protocols. Range is from 96 to Thank you for your help.

Tones by default are set to North American frequencies. The device will reboot automatically and restore to factory default setting.

This is needed for ISP troubleshooting. I have this device connected to asterisk 1.

The first Vocoder is entered by choosing the appropriate option in “Choice 1”. No decimal is needed. Otherwise, set it to No.

Enter MAC address to restore factory default setting. SIP is a text-based protocol suitable for integrated voice-data applications. Only the administrator can configure the “Advanced Settings” page. It is recommended to conduct the firmware upgrade in a controlled LAN environment if possible. Range is from 96 and In order to prevent automatic posting on our website, we kindly request you to type in the number you see in the picture below. The default value for FXS port2 is Used by the phone to synchronize the date and time.


Default value is End users recommended using the below TFTP server.

When disabled, incoming calls are accepted. The default setting is Yes. If set to Yes, then for Attended Transfer, the “Refer-To” header uses the transferred target’s Contact header information. If set to Yes, polarity handytonee be reversed upon call establishment and termination. She never needs to go back! When selected but no Caller ID is configured, the chosen ring hanfytone will be used for all incoming calls.

The default value is 20 seconds. A specialized CPU used for digital signal processing. The default setting is No. VAD allows detecting the absence of audio and conserve bandwidth by preventing the transmission of “silent packets” over the network.

It is used when IPv4 is used over Ethernet.