Vega® X7 is a high-performance system at the cutting-edge of set-top technology . It is ideal for medium and large-sized videoconferencing sessions Aethra. TEST AETHRA VEGA X7. PDF-version (optimized for print). GENERAL. Period. Aethra Vega X7 was tested in the VCC from July Our testing system . Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 2 Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 3 Welcome Thank you for choosing a AETHRA® SpA. Product.

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First time equipment is switched on! This can happen accidentally during the maintenance of the equipment or the replacement of the worn out batteries.

Check that the IP of the DataConf is the same as that of the system to be connected. Multiconference The following will be displayed: Move to the desired input and press OK, c7 window will appear where you can: The connection between two terminals appears to be successful but in reality the NAT-internal terminal never receives the audio or video from the external terminal.

A list will appear, and numbers can be selected and modified. If you select Video privacy as above.

Remote diagnostics and management. You can select desired phonebook by means of drop-down menu: In this case, the TEI number will be automatically assigned by the exchange and no further operations in this menu are necessary.

Aethra Conferencing Products

Settings User Settings The following page will be displayed: Enter modifications and save them To erase an entry in the phonebook: To balance between sharpness and dynamic nature of video images. Port for server signaling Default is This drop-down menu allows you to choose how the System will notify aethrs user that an external system has requested streaming activation.


Such a firewall does not block the TCP port and allows access to the other, dynamically-determined H. Enter the PBX access number for an outgoing call. Active icon to enter system settings pages In this area icons aethrs to actual system status are shown.

The System is able to transmit to networks in either unicast or multicast. This disposition enables Continuous Presence Active speaker does not see its video. Terminal test Aethta option performs an internal test of the system.

Aethra Video Conferencing Products and Solutions

From the Home Page select: IP The following page will be displayed: To start a Dual Video session in evga multiconference: Connect the power supply. Description Aethra vega X7 life. A second solution is the improvement of the network by the introduction of an ALG, but this is intrusive and potentially expensive.

Software Versions This section vfga contains information about the software modules installed on the system, including versions, build dates, etc. Navigate through the following menus: Finally, it is possible to generate a tone Tone Loc. Video packets are encoded in H. Access to the web page Start a web browser on your PC. A To configure the system: System power is either off or not connected.

Aethra Vega X7

Enter subnet mask provided by the ISP. How To Make A Call From Phonebook How to make a call from Phonebook To enable the quick selection of a number to call, a phonebook is available to store data about terminals that are frequently called.


The last position of the Main camera, in case of stand-by of the set top, will be memorized for being restored to wake up again.

By selecting PaP PaP function is enabled. In order to make a Broadcast call, the two terminals must have the same audio, video, rate and Data LSD configurations.

VCC – Competence Centre for Video Conference Services: Aethra Vega X7

Alphanumeric string for remote control of equipment connected with PPPoE server ex. The larger frame on the left will show the graphics relating to system management, while the video stream will appear in the smaller frame on the right. Data Channels In this menu you can: Picture In Picture Allows to see two overlapped images in one monitor, that is remote image in full-screen format, an local image in a smaller overlapped window.

You can also synchronize audio with video. Never remove the mains plug while the device is connected.

Encryption can be activated veta at any time during the connection. The test uses encoded local audio and video to simulate a connection. In configuration menus, these icons will always appear: Shows seven terminals video flows, independently from connected terminals number, as in picture.

For configuration information, please contact your network administrator. Excluding Tandbergall connections turned out satisfactory concerning quality.

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